Content Policy and Cookie Policies

As of 21.02.2023


1. General Provisions


1.1The owner and administrator of the web-page including its content (hereinafter "the Web page") is (hereinafter "The Operating Company") Commercial Register code , postal address: , Email 

1.2 This Content and Cookie Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) is part of The Operating Company Terms and Conditions posted on The Operating Company website (hereinafter collectively, the "Terms"), and governs the requirements for the content uploaded to the Web page, and the usage of the Web page. It is not possible to use The Operating Company Web page without accepting the Terms.

1.3 The content and this website are hereinafter referred as the “Web page”.

1.4 Please read the Policy before using and uploading any content to the Web page. Use of the Web page is considered as acceptance of all the Policy and as confirmation that you are a legal representative of the legal entity and that you have the right to enter into the agreement on behalf of the legal entity. If you do not agree to this Policy, you do not have the right to use the Web page.


2. Access to the website

2.1 User ID and password are necessary for use of Web page.

2.2 Users are held fully responsible for their registered Email addresses, User Ids and Passwords. By applying, Users agree that The Operating Company cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage caused by a User's mistake and/or improper use by a third party. Furthermore, The Operating Company is not obligated to reissue Users' Email address, User ID or password.

2.3 Users are obligated to inform us of any change in contact Email address, immediately.

2.4 All Users are required to have Internet access in order to use the Web page. This Internet access will need to be installed and maintained at the User's own expense. The Operating Company is in no way responsible for arranging Internet access for Users.

2.5 The Operating Company retains the right to set and alter limitations to file sizes, savable domain space, and data transfer on its services, where otherwise undefined, and may do so at our own discretion.

2.6 Members retain copyright and other privileges for all original, accessible information and creations on the Web page that they have created themselves. All User Content may be edited, translated, adapted, published, performed, presented, promoted, distributed or used for any other reason, by The Operating Company unconditionally. This is essential for the continual running of the Web page. Users consent to this.


3. Prohibited Conduct

3.1 The Operating Company expressly prohibits the following conducts, or any corresponding conduct as determined by The Operating Company, on the Web page. The Operating Company retains the right to ban, without warning, any User who has engaged in prohibited acts or conduct, or take any possible form of legal action; and may demand compensation or reparations from any User who caused any form of damage to The Operating Company or a third party.

3.1.1 Infringements of industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, etc), copyrights, trade secrets and/or intellectual property rights or other users and/or third parties.

3.1.2 Uploading or posting illegal content and/or supporting or facilitating illegal activities, including, but not limited to, causing injury, theft, suicide, use and/or sale of prohibited substances, as well as activities that encourage, solicit or recommend the use and/or sale of medicines.

3.1.3 Maintaining content which violates local, regional, national or international law, in particular that which violates Dutch law.

3.1.4 Images and/or conduct that are contrary to public policy or are immoral. Publicity and/or publication of vulgarities in the form of video, sound, images, text etc. against other users and/or third parties or assisting in such activities.

3.1.5 Obstructing, interfering with, disrupting or blocking our services to other users or conducting or performing actions that cause difficulties for others or assisting in such activities.

3.1.6 Participation in discrimination against individuals, specific groups, governmental organizations, nationalities, products, political administrations, beliefs, ideas, ideologies, race, religion, nationality, gender etc., defamation or other similar activity that causes defamation of others; or assisting in such activities.

3.1.7 Claiming to be another individual, business or organization, regardless of whether or not such an entity exists and/or claiming falsely to be partners and/or in collaboration with an organization or business or other such acts.

3.1.8 Acting as The Operating Company, content provider or administration or any other third party.

3.1.9 Publishing or posting defamatory content or information that may cause harm to The Operating Company or its business partner(s).

3.1.10 Acting in a way that encumbers the server(s) of The Operating Company. Violation, damage, restriction, or interference with, or assistance with The Operating Company’s or other computer software or hardware.

3.1.11 Repeated posting of the same or similar post or comment. Spamming and/or trolling or other such acts.

3.1.12 Reporting or posting threatening information that can be viewed by an unspecified number of people.

3.1.13 Using our service(s) as a medium for conducting illegal business or engaging in illegal conduct.

3.1.14 Engaging in malicious business practices, our excessive solicitation to advertisements or religion.

3.1.15 Recruiting people for pyramid schemes or other similar activities.

3.1.16 Selling or attempting to sell our service(s) to a third party.

3.1.17 Use, register or upgrade bulk amounts of software or programs, causing high access and preventing our service from operating as intended.

3.1.18 Collection, video recording, reproduction, falsification, distribution and/or display of content and/or data, obtained from our services, without permission, or the use, promotion or recommendation of tools or other means to promote or encourage such activities.

3.1.19 Improper use or registration of multiple accounts or other conduct that prevents the stable operation or our services.

3.1.20 Behaviour detrimental to The Operating Company, through illegal use and/or prohibited acts, taking advantage of bugs, system malfunctions etc.

3.1.21 Acting by deleting or hiding The Operating Company’s advertising space or by changing the location, colour, size, code or other such properties of the ads.

3.1.22 Involvement in any other activity that The Operating Company deems inappropriate.

3.2 The Operating Company retains the right to deem what counts as a violation.


4. Prohibited Content

4.1 Content prohibited by age

4.1.1 The Operating Company webpage contains content which can only be viewed by adults (hereinafter: Adult Content), i.e. sexual content.

4.1.2 Adult Content is only permitted to be viewed by those of the age of 18 or over. Therefore the Adult Content is prohibited to view for persons under the age of 18.

4.2 Child safety and pornography

4.2.1 It is forbidden to publish Adult Content in our webpage, which includes performers, substances and models, who are under the age of 18 or cannot prove that they are over the age of 18.

4.2.2 Any kind of sexualization of minors, i.e any sexually explicit content containing minors and/or any sexually exploitative content of minors, such as videos featuring minors involved in provocative sexual or sexually suggestive activities or presents challenges and courage to kissing, groping etc., is forbidden to publish to our webpage.

4.2.3 Manufacturing, acquisition or storing, handling over, displaying or making available to another person in any other manner of pictures, writings or other works or reproductions of works depicting a person of less than 18 years of age in a pornographic or erotic situation, is forbidden and criminally punishable.

4.2.4 Knowingly requesting access to or watching a pornographic performance involving a person younger than 18 of age is criminally punishable.

4.2.5 Content showing a minor engaging in dangerous activities or encouraging minors to engage in dangerous activities, is forbidden. Do not place minors in harmful situations that could result in injury, including dangerous tricks, science fiction or jerks.

4.2.6 Any content that may cause emotional stress to minors or viewers, such as exposure of minors to mature subjects, simulating parental abuse, coercion of minors, violence etc., is restricted in the webpage.

4.3 Violent, illegal or dangerous content

4.3.1 Uploading or posting illegal content and/or supporting or facilitating illegal activities, including, but not limited to, causing injury, theft, suicide, use and/or sale of prohibited substances, as well as activities that encourage, solicit or recommend the use and/or sale of medicines.

4.3.2 Any kind of threatening content is not allowed on our website. It is also not allowed to upload the content that is directed at an individual with long-term or malicious insults, based on internal characteristics, including the status of protected group, or physical characteristics.

4.3.3 Content inciting others to commit violent acts against individuals or a defined group of people; fights involving minors; footage, sounds or images involving traffic accidents, natural disasters, the consequences of war, terrorist attacks, physical attacks, sexual assaults, arson, torture, corpses, protests, robberies, medical procedures; footage or imagery showing bodily fluids, such as blood or vomit, with the intent to shock or disgust viewers; content with animal torture or animal fights, suicide and self-injury etc., is considered as illegal and violent content.

4.3.4 It is prohibited to upload content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities, such as extremely dangerous challenges, dangerous or threatening pranks, instructions to kill or harm someone, drug use or creation, eating disorders, violent events, instructional theft or cheating, hacking, bypassing payment for digital content or services, promoting dangerous remedies etc., that could result in serious physical injury or death.


5. Content monitoring

5.1 If the content violates this Policy, we’ll remove the content and send an Email about it.

5.2 The Operating Company has the right to freeze the access to the account or cancel the account in connection with any breach of this Policy.

5.3 Members, who are deemed to have breached the Policy and whose accounts have been frozen or cancelled, will also have their contracts terminated. Even if this happens before the end of the contract, the remaining refund requests will not be valid. Points, held by users, will not be refunded.

5.4 If you find content that violates this policy, please report it by sending an Email to

5.5 If specific threats are made against you and you feel unsafe, report it directly to your local law enforcement agency.


6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 The Operating Company takes absolutely no responsibility for any of the following:

6.1.1 The Operating Company is in no way responsible for the content that users create themselves. Users retain full legal responsibility, including any legal costs or damages for their content. Also content that violates laws and/or regulations, as well as the privacy or intellectual property rights of others, or defamatory, libellous or intimidating content and/or for immoral or obscene content, the user is promptly responsible for deleting it. The Operating Company assumes no responsibility for any user content and is not liable to users or third parties.

6.1.2 The Operating Company reserves the right to discontinue all of our services without notice or to convert previously free services to premium services. The Operating Company also has the right to ban use in exceptional cases without prior notice. The same applies to third parties who provide content through our services.

6.1.3 The Operating Company cannot be held responsible for any trouble you experience during the use of our service. Users are responsible for managing their content. The Operating Company shall not be liable in any way for damages if users have been harmed or have suffered damage or injury as a result of other user’s content. This applies in particular to business users, who are required to explicitly specify the contractual relationship between themselves and other users. All business users must endeavour to prevent or resolve any potential or resulting problems between themselves and others.

6.1.4 The Operating Company is not obligated to monitor or delete user contents. Users retain all responsibility for their content.

6.1.5 In cases where the user damages or causes damage to other users and/or third parties, The Operating Company reserves the right and is not responsible for deleting and/or freezing the relevant user ID and/or content without prior notice and in The Operating Company’s sole discretion.

6.1.6 The Operating Company is not responsible for data loss due to system failures or file corruption, etc. Users must back up their content themselves. The Operating Company does not in any way guarantee the integrity and security of user content data.

6.1.7 The Operating Company does nor disclose to other users or third parties personal information provided by members/users, such as name, address, e-mail address, phone number, fax etc. without the user’s consent, except if it is needed for: public institutions, such as courts or police, lawfully appeal for an inquiry; situation where person’s life, physical well-being and/or property are in direct danger and The Operating Company finds an urgent need to disclose the information; The Operating Company considers the disclosure of such information necessary to protect The Operating Company’s legal rights, property and/or services due to the actions or behaviour by the user or member in violation of this Policy; The Operating Company considers it necessary to publish such information in order to restore or prevent a decline in The Operating Company’s SEO, quality of service, etc., due to the actions or behaviour of the user or member.

6.1.8 The Operating Company shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by users who access the content or external links posted to user content. All users must acknowledge that The Operating Company cannot be held responsible for the security, validity, completeness or accuracy of the information on external sites.

6.1.9 If the user creates goods and/or other content for sale that violates this Policy, The Operating Company will nor be liable for freezing such user content or refunding the money for buyers.

6.1.10 The Operating Company shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by users, who use our services, users, who are unable to use our services or users, who do not use our services.

6.1.11 The Operating Company makes no assertion to the appropriateness or usability of our services in regards to their use in different regions. In the event that a user accesses from another legal jurisdiction, shall do so on their own volition, and be totally responsible for legal compliance of their place of access.



7.1. Cookies

7.1.1To make the Website work properly, The Operating Company sometimes places small data files - called cookies - on the User's device. Most large websites do this as well.

7.1.2. The legal basis for the use of cookies is The Operating Company's legitimate interest in ensuring the technical functionality of the website. The Operating Company may use analytical cookies in the Web page and on the Website, so the User will be asked for consent.


7.2. What are cookies

7.2.1 A cookie is a small text file that the Web page o saves on the User's computer or mobile device when the User visits The Operating Company Website or uses the Web page. This allows the Website to memorize User actions and preferences (such as username, language, font size, and other display preferences) over a period. This way, the User does not have to re-enter them each time he comes back to the Website or browse from one page to another.


7.3 Use of cookies

7.3.1. The Operating Company may use cookies and tools similar to cookies, to provide and improve the quality of the Service and to improve the User experience. Cookies may also be used by third parties whose services are used by The Operating Company.


7.3.2. The Operating Company Webpage uses cookies only to analyze web traffic and does not use cookies to personalize the content and ads on the Webpage or to provide social media features.


7.3.3. The Operating Company does not transmit information about the User's use of the Website to social media, advertising and analytics partners.


7.3.4. The user may delete or block the cookies, but in that case not all the functions of the website may function as intended. Cookies help to provide The Operating Company Services.


7.3.5. By using The Operating Company Services, the User gives consent to the use of cookies.


7.4. Google Analytics

7.4.1. The Operating Company may use Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; Google). Google Analytics uses cookies, files that are saved in the User's computer, to analyze how the User uses the Service.


7.4.2. The user information generated by cookies, during the use of the Service, is usually transmitted to the Google server in the United States and saved there. As The Operating Company has activated the IP anonymization, Google shortens the User's IP address (if the User is from the European Union or from other EEA Member States).


7.4.3. At The Operating Company' request, Google will use the information to analyze User activity and to report on the Service Website usage.


7.4.4. The User can set the browser to block all cookies. In this case the User may not fully use all functions of the User's homepage.


7.4.5. The User may at any time disallow the collection of their data by Google Analytics. To do this, the User must download and install the appropriate browser add-on from the following website:


7.4.6. Google Analytics maintains cookies, User identifiers (e.g. User ID), and Ads identifiers (e.g. DoubleClick cookies, Android ad identifier, Apple ad identifier) ​​for 26 months.


7.5. FC2 server service

7.5.1. The Web page of The Operating Company and its contents is hosted on FC2's server (more information:, which is a highly secure environment for storing data and documents of the Webpage and Web page. The following measures shall be taken to ensure the highest level of security:


The information submitted through The Operating Company Web page is encrypted;

Users passwords are stored only in a hashed form;

The server is constantly maintained, Web page and hardware are monitored by monitoring software for any issues; security measures are provided here:


7.6. Consent

7.6.1. The Operating Company requires the Consent of the Users to use analytical cookies. No further consent is required for the use of the remaining cookies (technical cookies), but the User agrees to the installation of the technical cookies by agreeing to these Terms, which The Operating Company requires from Users on its Website. It is not possible to use the Web page without agreeing to the Terms.


7.7 How to Control Cookies

7.7.1. The User may control and / or delete cookies as desired (see The User may delete all cookies already on the User's computer and may reject the cookies at any time by changing its browser settings (if permitted by the browser) or terminating the use of The Operating Company Website. The User must be aware that certain features can only be provided, when using cookies and if the User chooses to block the use of cookies, these features may not be available to the User.


7.8 How to change the cookie settings in your web browser

7.8.1. The Operating Company allows Users to manage all cookies used by the User, subject to the User's consent, individually through the Website Settings, where the User may at any time enable or disable the cookies used. The above adjustment does not apply to essential or other cookies that do not require the User's consent.


For more information about managing cookies on your web browser:


Internet Explorer:


Firefox: Recent History



If you have any questions, you can contact us.